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Home>> NEWS>> Industry News>> How to configure a high-level stone crushing plant

How to configure a high-level stone crushing plant


For many owners of quarry crushing plant, they don’t need final aggregates with high-standard shape. They always prefer to set up the crushing plant with jaw crusher and cone crusher. The advantage of that solution is that the operation cost of the crushing plant will be lower. But there is also disadvantage of that-the shape of the output of cone crusher is not good, sometimes even in needle shape. The high-level constructions and buildings will not accept that kind of aggregates.

However, there is also solution to solve that problem. The solution is adding a vertical shaft impact crusher after the cone crusher. The vertical shaft impact crusher is mainly used for supplying construction aggregates for the road building, airport construction, high-rise building which requires high-standard construction aggregates. It can reshape the output aggregates of the cone crusher and produce aggregates with cubic shapes. And with that high standard aggregates, the buildings will have better structural behavior.

Why we always choose jaw crusher as the primary crusher

In most crushing plant, the jaw crusher is fixed as the primary crusher. There are several reasons of that as follows:

Compared with other crushers, the maintenance works of jaw crusher is much easier and more convenient. And the operation cost of the jaw crusher is also lower than that of other crushers.

As we all know that after the explosion in the quarry, we get raw stones with various sizes. In that condition, we have to use the jaw crusher to crush those raw stones and make sure all the output material can be fed into the secondary crusher.

And if there is unbreakable material like iron blocks in the raw stones, the jaw crusher can remove it to avoid the unbreakable material damage the secondary crusher.